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    Purpose of collection and use of personal information
    The purpose of collecting personal information is to collect information unique to DaeHwa Optical and the minimum information necessary to provide customized services.

    Personal information of all members and visitors registered with DaeHwa Optical shall not be used for any purpose other than the basic collection purpose or provided to a third party without your consent, and DaeHwa Optical shall be responsible for any damage to the member information.

    DaeHwa Optical does not collect personal information if you withdraw your consent to collect or use personal information, and personal information will be deleted at the same time as the withdrawal.

    Personal information items and methods to collect
    When collecting information from users, only the minimum amount of information necessary to provide services is collected, and the collection of sensitive personal information is strictly restricted.

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    Retention and use period of personal information

    While we receive the services we provide, we will continue to retain personal information and use it to provide customized services. However, if a visitor wishes to withdraw or loses his/her qualification under the DaeHwa Optical Terms, the registered visitor's information will be completely deleted and will not be accessible or available for any purpose.